Who am I...


I have always been passionate about light and lighting and, with more than 10 years of experience in the field, today I am an independent lighting designer, enrolled at theInternational Association of Lighting Designers (IALD).

After my scientific studies I attended the degree course in Industrial Design and then continued with the specialization in Product Design at the IUAV University of Venice.

Once I received my master's degree in 2008 I immediately began working in the lighting industry, delving into innovation in Foscarini, a well-known manufacturer of designer lamps.

In 2009 I moved to Melbourne (Australia) where I worked alongside the product design and architectural lighting design studio, particularly on projects for luxury hotels, shops and prestigious residences.

In addition to working full-time at The Flaming Beacon, well-known international "lighting consultant" study, I decided to resume my studies in order to deepen the topic of lighting engineering and, in a few years, I completed both a creative lighting program and one of lighting and engineering. During this period, in addition to strengthening my technical background, I had the opportunity to accumulate a lot of experience in international construction sites.

Once back in Italy I worked for short periods with various lighting design studios both in Milan and Berlin, and then decided to take on the role of lighting designer for a specialist retailer, where I was able to strengthen my knowledge of the Italian market.

Since 2020 I have been working independently as a lighting consultant for public and private lighting.


  • Bachelor in Industrial Design (2002-2005) - IUAV University, Venice. 110/110 cum laude
  • Master Degree in Product Design (2005-2008) - IUAV University, Venice. 110/110
  • Creative Lighting Applications (2010) - RMIT University, Melbourne. Certificate
  • Lighting and Engineering Design Program (2011-2012) - RMIT University, Melbourne. Certificate
  • Student Archievement Award of Recongnition (2013 - IES Lighting Course)
  • Foscarini Srl (2008-2009): lamp technician/designer
  • The Flaming Beacon (2010-2015): custom lamp and lighting designer
  • Various collaborations with lighting design practices (2015-2016): lighting designer
  • Nerolouce Surl (2015-2019): custom lamp and lighting designer.
  • Since 2020 I have been an independent lighting designer and creative director of Lume Design Lab


“Light has not just intensity, but also a vibration, which is capable of roughening a smooth material, of giving a three-dimensional quality to a flat surface.”
“La luce non ha solo un’intensità, ma anche una vibrazione, che riesce a increspare un materiale liscio, a dare tridimensionalità a una superficie piatta.”
Renzo Piano – Architetto

Light is an invisible medium until we perceive it reflects on an object.
Lighting is often ignored during the design phase or it is only considered at the last moment when it is too late to create a real project that could give that added value to an environment.
Sometimes you don't feel comfortable in a space but you don't realize what the reason is; often it is simply the light that can change this mood and I don't mean only the artificial one, but also the natural one: both must integrate with the architecture to create emotion and make the rooms suitable for the purpose for which they are used.
In many projects you do not realize that if you design the lighting from the beginning you can achieve high levels of comfort and save both energy and money, avoiding unnecessary expenses due to over-illumination, the purchase of luminaires that are not completely suitable or difficult to install (thus lengthening the costs of the construction site), not to mention that a well-lit place brings future benefits such as, for example, improving work performance in an office or attracting more customers in a store.
My mission, therefore, is to find and enhance the intangible value of each environment.